India’s first all-women Railway Station – Matunga


The first all-women railway station in India, Matunga in Mumbai is manned by a staff of 41 women. The station not has entered the Limca book of records. This remarkable initiative was taken up just 6 months ago, in July last year, with the aim of empowering women.

DK Sharma, General Manager of Central Railways has said in an interview, “We are sure that women are as powerful and in some feat way ahead of men. Women can independently do anything and everything”.

One of the key reasons why Matunga was chosen to become an all-women managed railway station was because there are a lot of schools and colleges in the stations’ vicinity and a lot of young people travel to and from this station.

And from the look of things. it is just a start. General Manager Sharma has asked all the divisions under central railway zone to identify one station where all-women staff can be deployed.

In 1992, Mamta Kulkarni became the first-ever woman to be recruited as an assistant station manager to serve the Central Railways. She is not in charge of the Matunga railway station, “We are very comfortable with lady staff and our officers have been supportive” said Mamta in a TV interview “Having an all-women personnel managing in the station is a very nice idea of our General Manager”.

A total 41 women staff manage the services round-the-clock at the station. The staff includes 17 females in the booking department, 8 Ticket Checkers, 6 railway police force personnel and 2 announcers.

“It feels great. We have a good bunch of staff and people here and it feels really good working at this station” said one of the team members working at the station.

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