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India’s first competitive Female Bodybuilder, Defying all Stereotypes – Ashwini Waskar


Until a few years ago, she was just like any other Indian women. Then, she became one like no other…


Ashwini Waskar is India’s first competitive female bodybuilder who literally crushed the shackles of societies stereotypes with her imposing physique and fitness. At one point Ashwini was overweight and unhappy with her body. She then embarked on a grueling journey of weight-lifting and high-protein diet, and succeeded in shedding the extra weight and developed super strong muscles.

Joining a gym was just the beginning. What really got her hooked was a male bodybuilding competition she attended in 2013. “An announcement was being made about an upcoming first national level female bodybuilding competition and they were asking if anybody wants to participate. So I thought ‘why not give it a try?’” Ashwini had said in an interview.

But there was still one hurdle Ashwini had to overcome. Belonging to a middle-class family, Ashwini knew that skimpy outfit dress-code for body-builders won’t be easily embraced by her conservative family. Though initially, it made her family a little uncomfortable, to Ashwini’s surprise, her father consented.

In a span of few months, she worked on her body and secured the fifth position at the national-level event, Ashwini has participated in several international competitions till now.

Despite lack of sponsorship, Ashwini continues to stay positive. She believes there is a bright future for women’s bodybuilding. “Girls are coming into bodybuilding and some women are being inclined towards fitness. “I would love to train a girl who comes to me with a wish of participating in competitions.”

Ashwini is now married and settled in Faridabad. She will think of making a comeback if she is offered sponsorship…

Ashwini Waskar is a true story of a girl from a village defying all stereotypes. She is an inspiration in a true sense. We hope Ashwini Waskar’s story inspires other women to pursue their dreams and not be bogged down by orthodox societal norms.


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